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The Bramblebee Kennel has it's roots firmly in the working tradition

We believe a dog should work catching and killing vermin quickly and efficiently and yet be of a suitable temperament to live as part of the family. Only by preserving their working ability can we ensure that the standard ( the Kennel Club Blueprint ) can be maintained. In his work the Border Terrier has to be light , yet strong , easily spanned with average hands around his ribcage so size has to be an issue in both the working terrier and in the showring in our opinion.

Paul's early experience with working terriers began when he was 16 and he started agricultural work. The value of good working terriers on a farm is well known, the health and safety of stock is of utmost importance and vermin need to be dispatched without delay to keep the farm clear of disease. Jack Russell's, Lakeland and Patterdales worked well for Paul but he was keen to take on a Border Terrier to see how well the breed worked, not just on it's own but alongside other breeds.

Adrian Yates, a great terrier man from the Vale of Aylesbury provided Paul with his first Border bitch in 1995, she was named Grouse aka Chenderit Chaffinch, her arrival and success as a working dog was quickly followed by a dog, Brock, aka Bramble Of Hollywood,  bought from more working stock .

Maria and Paul decided to set up home together in 1996 and what better way to celebrate than breed a litter....of Border Terriers!

The first choice of stud dog is always nerve wracking, but Paul found a stud of good working stock, General Redkin and Grouse produced the first litter of pups that was to be the foundation of the Bramblebee Kennel

Sweet Dreamer, Green Grass and Faithful One were selected and kept from that first litter,  with both line bred and the use of outstanding outside stud dogs the line continues , keeping Bramblebee Border Terriers true to it's roots.







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